Heavy Metal Performance Seminars are wonderful ways to get the experienced coaches at Heavy Metal to you! There are a variety of seminars available and these seminars can be done throughout the United states. Currently, we offer the following seminar formats:

Olympic Weightlifting Clinics
An intensive, yet condensed, hands-on clinic that is designed to teach a progression of lifting that is effective for learning the three primary Olympics weightlifting movements – snatch, clean and jerk. This clinic is taught by Coach Sean Rigsby and primarily available to gyms in the greater Charlotte, North Carolina area. Clinics last between 3 to 4 hours and are priced at $50 per person, with a 10 person minimum.

Olympic Weightlifting Seminars
This seminar is an expanded version of the clinic and offer in-depth programming. The clinic is general a full 8 hour day with a 1 hour lunch break. Hands-on teaching will be provided for the three primary Olympic weightlifting movements – snatch, clean and jerk – as well as squat. Demonstrations will be made, along with discussions regarding programming, variations and identifying and addressing weaknesses. This seminar is available anywhere in the country and pricing is variant due to travel expenses. A minimum of 15 participants is required.

Are you interested in getting a seminar together for your gym? If so, contact Coach Sean today and inquire about the various seminars we have available. Email today to get started!

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