Additional Services from Heavy Metal Barbell

At Heavy Metal Strength and Conditioning, we are focus on created exceptional athletes and ensuring that each client receives personalized, unique programming to help them obtain their optimal fitness potential. In addition to the outstanding programming that we provide for our weightlifting athletes, we also offer other services throughout the country, such as:

Personal Training
If you are in the Charlotte area of North Carolina, you can receive personal training with Coach Sean. Coach Kenny offers personal training in Seattle, Washington as well. Contact the coaches to learn more about specials offered for personal training services.

Remote Coaching
This programming is a great way for individuals to increase their strength and health without having to be in the Seattle or Charlotte area. If you want to work with experienced and well-sought after coaches from where ever you are in the United States, contact Heavy Metal about our remote coaching options.

Coach Sean can come to you! Seminars are available to clients, coaches and gyms throughout the United States. We offer Olympic weightlifting clinics, day-long seminars and performance-based seminars, too. To inquire about pricing, contact Coach Sean directly.

Weightlifting Classes
Classes are currently being held in the Charlotte, North Carolina area including CrossFit Monroe, CrossFit Huntersville and CrossFit Pineville. To learn more about times and pricing, do not hesitate to contact Coach Sean.

You can get started on taking advantage of the various services that Heavy Metal Strength and Conditioning provides by emailing Sean at

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