Speed Metal

Coach K Athlete Ted Glasnow, University of Notre Dame Track and Field
Coach K Athlete Ted Glasnow, University of Notre Dame Track and Field

Speed Metal

Speed Metal programming is a unique athletic program that is run by Coach Kenny Kallen. This program is designed to help produce fast, efficient and healthy athletes whose performance centers around running-based sports. Coach Kenny is a former Sport Performance Director from Velocity Sport Performance in Valencia, California. For several years, Kenny has been coaching proper sprint mechanics and helping clients identify their weaknesses and prescribe various programs to help develop speed.

This unique program and consulting platform allows you to get experience personalized coaching from an experienced professional, from where ever you are in the United states. The remote coaching option that we offer can help increase performance for sport, short track or long distance, and any athlete can improve their running.

The basic program outline includes:

  • Video submission by the athlete of multiple repetitions of the movement at various intensities
  • Coach Kenny will break down the mechanics and outline faults using video software
  • Instructional video drills, along with perspective programming, will be sent back to the athlete to help fix faults and correct muscle imbalances

If this program sounds right for you, or if you have questions regarding Speed Metal programming, contact Heavy Metal Strength and Conditioning today! You can get started by emailed seanmrigsby@gmail.com.

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