Remote Coaching


Remote Coaching Across the United States

If you are looking to achieve maximum performance with exceptional coaches, Heavy Metal Strength and Conditioning may be right for you. We offer a unique option for our athletes across the United States, with our remote coaches services. Our coaches understand that sometimes life does not always allow you to work with a coach or in a gym with restricted time schedules, and thanks to the miracle of technology, our coaches can come to you. Remote coaching works best for clients who need in-depth, personalize instruction and feedback but do not want to constrict themselves to a set schedule. Our remote coaching services are available for a variety of athletes with a range of different goals, and it may be right for you, too!

Whether you are a garage lifter, if you are looking to get in shape for a sport, a CrossFitter at a large box with little personalized attention, or just a fitness enthusiast, remote coaching can help you! Our services are available for:

  • Olympic Weightlifters
  • Powerlifters
  • Competitive CrossFitters
  • General Strength and Conditioning
  • Fat Loss

What does it include?

When you work with Heavy Metal for remote coaching, you will be given a baseline test and evaluation of your existing skills. From there, an individualized program will be developed based specifically on your needs and unique lifestyle. Regular feedback on video submissions and training will be give to you and all questions can be answered via email. Each week, you will be given a video breakdown with analysis software and accompanying audio commentary to help you eliminate problems and progress in strength. Additional nutrition and supplementation and recovery schedules can also be provided to you. Your remote coaching will also come with a monthly Skype session or phone call.


In order to see progress and success, each athlete will be required to:

  • Submit videos via email or YouTube of all movements and concerns, unless otherwise instructed
  • Log all warmups and worksets and submit data via email
  • In some cases, logging food intake and sleep schedules

While the coach will do everything possible to allow to allow for life obligations and schedules, the athlete will be required to make every effort to perform all scheduled training sessions as requested. It is understandable that life can sometimes interrupt trainings, but habitually missed sessions may result in termination from the program.

If you are interested in our remote coaching options, contact Coach Sean today by emailing him at This program is priced at $99 per month

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