Heavy Metal Barbell


Heavy Metal Barbell

New and seasoned athletes that are looking to become stronger and more proficient in their lifting are encouraged to contact Heavy Metal Strength and Conditioning and enquire about Heavy Metal Barbell programming. The Heavy Metal Barbell Club is a group of Olympic weightlifters and powerlifters that come together to become stronger and faster and improve their overall athletic potential. This program is headed by team Muscle Driver USA member, Sean Rigsby. From humble beginnings, this group of lifters has expanded into a large network of competitors that are all connected via the internet in formats like email and social media.

When you choose to work with Heavy Metal Barbell you can:

  • Personalized one-on-one programming from Coach Sean
  • Accessibility to your coach through a variety of resources and technology
  • Feedback on each workout and lift
  • Programming that is specialized to help you obtain your unique goals
  • The freedom to workout on your time (through remote coaching)

If you are interested in working with Heavy Metal Barbell, contact Coach Sean today and get started on becoming the best athlete you can be. For more information on programming and pricing, you can contact Sean directly at seanmrigsby@gmail.com.

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